Summer Skin Care

As much in winter as in summer he is recommendable to take care of the skin because the climatic ends leave their effects. In summer it is precise to take care of it of the sun with solar protectors because consequently the fotoenvejecimiento takes place. In winter, due to the cold the parched skin, descama and lie down to become more rigid and to dehydrate with more facility. In winter he is opportune to as much invest in some hidratantes creams for the daily application for the body and the hands like for the face. How to choose a cream for each type of skin? For dry skin: For this type of skins the cream use is recommendable that contains vitamin and, Alantona and vitamin A. Helped to maintain nourished and hydrated and grants specific vitamins to give to more elasticity and luminosity to the dry skin, since it is to more necessary which it is to him the daily application of creams to avoid the premature moulting and wrinkles. The cream use is recommendable all the year. Greasy skins: Only in winter the application of smooth and light hidratantes creams is recommendable that they maintain the hydration, since they are prone to the acne.

The ideal is to clean it, to strengthen it and soon to hydrate it with specific products for greasy skin. The creams with green tea or aloe side are very beneficial to standardize it since in many occasions she is mixed. Mature skins: For this type of skin there is an ample range of cosmetic products to disposition. The creams with retinol, calcium, colgeno, hialurnico acid and creams antiage are the indicated ones in this case in particular, since these components not only maintain it hydrated but also they help to regenerate weaves and to smooth the wrinkles. In all the cases a consultation to the cosmetloga or dermatologist helps the evaluation of the skin to give with products indicated and more apt for your type of skin.

Metal Producers

Metal – Roof construction material for the device pitched roofs, representing a galvanized steel sheet, which is passivated, soil, covered with a decorative layer of polymer and subjected to punching in order to obtain the figure, simulating natural tile. Metal, appeared in 60-ies of the last century in Finland, quickly gained popularity in all corners of the globe, including those with the early 1990's, and in Russia, thanks to its high consumer characteristics such as resistance to ultraviolet radiation, chemical resistance to aggressive environments and precipitation, manufacturability, resistance to high and low temperature, lightness, resistance to mechanical stress and strain, durability, ease of installation, biological stability. Among the most common polymer coatings used in the manufacture of metal, it makes sense to highlight such as: matte polyester, Puranas, polyester, plastisol. Polyester – the most popular and at the same time, low-cost coverage through which is polyester. Of the positive properties of polyester makes sense to emphasize the following: polyester check the duration of the operation in Russian conditions, suitable for all climatic zones; has good color stability.

For all that, the thickness of the polymer layer of polyester is about 25 microns, and therefore it has lower mechanical resistance than other polymer coating, which undoubtedly requires the maximum accuracy in both the delivery and installation of metal. From the list of physical and chemical characteristics of the polyester can draw attention to such as – good corrosion resistance, the maximum temperature Applications: 120 degrees Celsius; min. processing temperature: -10 degrees; satisfactory formability.

Pregnancy And Sciatica

Pregnancy is one of the main causes behind the pain in the low back in women, which is similar to sciatica. Sciatica is caused above all by the compression of the sciatic nerve due to one or more reasons. Typically, sciatica is the compression of the roots of the sciatic nerve in the lower spine. A condition known as pseudo sciatica causes debilitating pain similar to when the outlying sections of the sciatic nerve are compressed. Of itself, the pregnancy has nothing to do with the sciatica. Pregnancy leads to true sciatica only in rare cases.

These are the changes that occur in the body of the women in the last months of pregnancy can lead to sciatica pain. Any of these changes can cause the kind of sciatica pain: * the uterus presses the sciatic nerve. Abdominal muscles and lower become tense and apply pressure on the nerve. * Spinal compression due to the additional weight of the fetus. Postural changes that accompany pregnancy. Rarely, during pregnancy a spinal disc can be damaged, which can also lead to sciatica pain. The pain of sciatica occurs especially in the back, buttocks, legs and feet. Typical sciatic pain can be: * nails and needles * a sudden pain * pain that extends from the buttocks to the feet.

* Numbness in leg or foot. Due to pregnancy or otherwise, pseudo sciatica is associated above all with postural defects: * cross-legged for extended periods. * He sit in a Chair that does not support the back properly * he sit in a portfolio may be cases of pregnancy caused tension in the muscle of the piriformis, which in turn, can pinch the sciatic nerve. If sciatica is actually diagnosed during pregnancy, treatment of sciatic nerve should be only under supervision of a qualified specialist to treat pregnancy-related sciatic pain. Painkillers have side effects and should not be taken without consultation with your gynecologist. Any neglect in this respect may cause irreparable damage to the baby that you are carrying. sciatica alternative remedies play an important role in treating sciatica typical and pseudo-sciatica. Pregnancy is a delicate matter and the primary concern must be the safety of the child who is developing inside her body. alternative remedies that are generally safe, they should be taken under medical supervision. Herbs are generally safe, but the indiscriminate use of even the safest herb can be harmful. The exercises, yoga, ; natural remedies or any other therapy should be carried out also under constant guidance of a therapist. The swimming and gentle stretching exercises, are two measures safest of getting relief from back pain during pregnancy. In addition, avoid being always tired, learn to relax, always sit up straight, or attempt to apply a spot hot or cold to the affected area.