The car is one of the most important tools for my work, I travel quite frequently to other cities and although on occasion I use the train, it is not always possible, I sometimes move me to rural areas where the best means of transport is the car. In one of those trips, I had the opportunity to go to Girona, you should contact a few manufacturers and commented me that due to the celebrations of the city, they took advantage to attend as exhibitors at the fairs in the city Palace, were parties, from October 28 to November 6. It was a good opportunity to discover the city and to see the range of products in which it was interested. The city was a symphonic madness, thousands of lights, people filled the streets and amusement areas, luck had to get accommodation, but was an opportunity and could result to relaxing dive me anonymously in the festive stream. The traffic did not exist, was an eternal procession of vehicles, wore the browser post so I took it in stride and even though I was about two hours I got the hotel without mishap. It had concerted the appointment for the next day; We had been to see us outside of the fairgrounds to treat different matters about the conditions of purchase of materials and then go to the compound to visit the stand. They already told me that they would pick me up at the Hotel to save me the traffic problems. I was preparing the documentation needed for the meeting as well as all the reports that I had brought. I had dinner at the hotel and after a ride I went back to the hotel, before going to bed I portfolio I put on the nightstand and I left the phone in silence, she had bought the newspaper and before sleeping I decided to give it a look.

Spinal Issues

What is the spine? Back, as we already know, this is the most important thing for any man. The spine may be called the core of a person, because without it we simply would not be able to walk and move around at all. Every day, our spine withstand enormous loads. Load it occurs almost every bodily movement. We are straining their back, not only when we walk, but even when sitting or lying.

Likewise, it is very heavy stuff, clothes, in where you go, or carry. Strongly it is influenced and your shoes. Sometimes, such a strong and daily exercise can be a source of many diseases related to your back. Well, as we all are already aware, the most the main source of disease in the spine is a bad posture. Posture is the principal aspect of the health of your spine! It is easy to maintain. You just need to keep your spine in the right, forward state always. Also there are other, less important aspects, such as orthopedic mattresses, insoles and more. But what do those whose spine regularly brings pain and discomfort? Of course, you can be cured with the help of available means that you can buy in shops and pharmacies, but you can with a more palatable way for example, all possible methods of massage and manual therapy. Increasingly gaining momentum massage service is available at home. Keep because of this, and keep your back straight!

Prevention Curvature

In this article I would like to address a topic such as the treatment of scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. More precisely, not only treatment but also early detection and prevention of this terrible disease. The vast majority of people having the curvature of the spine acquired it in childhood. The reason for this was the habit of properly sit at a desk or watching tv, etc. or, as it sounds scientific – static – dynamic factors. There are, Of course, other reasons, spinal injuries, rickets, etc. There are congenital scoliosis.

But most – people with disabilities habit of correct posture. As a result of diseases of the spine is curved and, depending on the angle of curvature is divided into four degrees. Third degree – it's when it becomes apparent to all that humans hump. Of course, the majority of patients before this stage is not getting through, but the danger is always there. Someone – it may say: "Well, think of it, the first and second degree are not visible, and the third is still possible to live well.

Why do I get treatment? "However, scoliosis – is not just a cosmetic defect on the body. After a while, at the level of distortion arises hondroz. Begin destructive breaches in the bodies of cartilage and vertebrae. Also disrupted the activities of all internal organs, innervated by nerves that are in the area of spinal curvature. Violated airflow in the human body. As a result, diseases of internal organs, it is very difficult to treat and often passing into the chronic phase flow.

Modern Swedish Massage

It is difficult to determine with accuracy when and where it originated in the history of the earth massage. Of course, even at the dawn of human history, the first people found the healing properties of massage manipulations, as well as other techniques traditional medicine. People are hurting, there were injured, experienced pain, and tried to remove the painful state of stroking, rubbing, friction, effleurage. Thus, the art of massage has arisen simultaneously on many continents, and he has an important place in medical science and practice of the great civilizations of the past, such as: in ancient Egypt and theRoman Empire, China and India and other nations and tribes. Currently, massage widely applied in various fields, and above all – in the area of treatment. Generally include four types of massage – sports, medical, hygienic and cosmetic. All of the existing system of massage are divided into two broad categories: European and Asian systems.

But they are so numerous that to classify them precisely is difficult. In fact, every kind of massage from those indicated in any case can be considered curative. The most advanced courses Massage can learn and learn to practice the many ways and techniques of treatment, learn and enjoy razlichnymimetodikami. Basic techniques of classical massage are rubbing, stroking, kneading and squeezing. Plus, effective shaking, vibration, shock techniques. Douglas Elliman has much to offer in this field. Plays a special role massage the spine. This massage is needed in situations such as pain in the neck, back and waist, caused by osteochondrosis and radiculitis, the results of stretching the tendons, muscles and ligaments and bruises. Very useful massage the spine, neck and back for the middle-aged and older experiencing a little exercise.

A qualified professional with a procedure massage improves circulation of blood along the spine, which helps to improve nervous system functions and other important organs. Nowadays, there are no problems in that to go to different courses of massage, which teaches the most advanced methods and techniques of this ancient art – the massage. In preparation for future courses, specialist familiar with the basic techniques of massage – classic therapeutic, relaxing and beauty, gets all sorts of skills of its species. After receiving the certificate, in the long run to finish the course expert will be entitled to perform procedures massage in various institutions: in medical centers and beauty salons.


Neuralgia and osteohandroz – these diseases are usually not present in isolation from each other. And osteohandroz usually the main cause of neuralgic disease organism. Patients, suffering these illnesses, usually, there is a strong decrease in the transverse dimensions of the vertebrae and thinning of the intervertebral tissue. And for this reason is an inflammation of the spinal nerve, causing severe pain. Familiar tools for cure neuralgia were uspakaivayuschie and warming ointment (FLEX, Finalgon, etc.) and more injections and pills. Learn more on the subject from Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MD. But it should be noted that Deklofenak still quite bad for those of us who have problems with their stomach.

It dramatically reduces the mucous membrane and this leads to significant pain and in some cases even to the appearance of ulcers in the stomach. Igor, Moscow. "I often come . More recently, the devil disease accompanied by severe pain. I started Deklofinak, but the pain has not receded. This lasted for about two months. I have all this very much harassed, and I decided to start using noni juice. In the morning, waking, fasting drank 15 ml.

And before dinner for about 30-40 minutes before meals – 15 ml. Exhausting pain almost immediately went away. After ten dny she disappeared and never returned. At the moment I am using noni juice just before lunch – 15 ml (as per 30 min. before eating). I do not want to stop taking all of about a month. That's so cool to help me noni juice. " Among other things noni juice perfectly removes different kind of pain, it stimulates healthy cell division and its regeneration. As a consequence, patients osteohandrozom not only inhibited regression spine, but also has a place to be recovery (regeneration) of tissue. Naturally Noni Juice – not a panacea. And we do not expect something from him – then this supernatural. But studies have confirmed that there are good reasons to drink noni juice continuously from neuralgia and osteohandroze. Drink Noni Juice and you will not regret it!

Swiss Schwinger King Arnold Forrer

The iLifeSTAT uses the ancient knowledge of the meridians and combines many advantages and opportunities. Can our energy with the iLifeSTAT Condition will be detected. So errors can be found in the balance of our energy system. The flow of the ch’i is so monitored. So causes can be determined by chronic disease and blockages caused by scars, stress and mental health problems, based on State of the art technology.

Based on these measurements, then, solutions can be found to restore the balance of our energy flows. iLife SOMM if errors were detected and tracked, opts for iLife known funds, used for thousands of years. With the iLifeSOMM system, the company offers three active components bundled together in a function table. Micro vibration to the penetration of all body structures specially tuned sounds, sounds or music electro magnetic stimulation. By the iLifeSOMM Sun, complement and strengthen this long known means of therapy and manage to do so a huge field of application for this new possibility something for his health. Can this effective combination in children Perception, concentration and creativity, promote and improve.

So can overcome learning difficulties, exam nerves and hyperactive children find inner peace. Adults use the iLifeSOMM system to provide for their health and to alleviate everyday ailments such as tension, anxiety or pain. Also the combination of different vibrations to spine, to relieve muscles and joints and helps to solve mental and physical problems and to prevent. Also why astronauts not only use, but also many athletes, such as for example the Swiss Schwinger King Arnold Forrer, this modern combination of evaluating knowledge. And not only to rehabilitation. The training and competition preparation, to reduce the vulnerability of the injury and the performance athletes are supported by the iLifeSOMM system. More information on the iLifeSOMM system there on and directly in personal contact with an iLifeProfessional.