Prevention Curvature

In this article I would like to address a topic such as the treatment of scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. More precisely, not only treatment but also early detection and prevention of this terrible disease. The vast majority of people having the curvature of the spine acquired it in childhood. The reason for this was the habit of properly sit at a desk or watching tv, etc. or, as it sounds scientific – static – dynamic factors. There are, Of course, other reasons, spinal injuries, rickets, etc. There are congenital scoliosis.

But most – people with disabilities habit of correct posture. As a result of diseases of the spine is curved and, depending on the angle of curvature is divided into four degrees. Third degree – it's when it becomes apparent to all that humans hump. Of course, the majority of patients before this stage is not getting through, but the danger is always there. Someone – it may say: "Well, think of it, the first and second degree are not visible, and the third is still possible to live well.

Why do I get treatment? "However, scoliosis – is not just a cosmetic defect on the body. After a while, at the level of distortion arises hondroz. Begin destructive breaches in the bodies of cartilage and vertebrae. Also disrupted the activities of all internal organs, innervated by nerves that are in the area of spinal curvature. Violated airflow in the human body. As a result, diseases of internal organs, it is very difficult to treat and often passing into the chronic phase flow.