Neuralgia and osteohandroz – these diseases are usually not present in isolation from each other. And osteohandroz usually the main cause of neuralgic disease organism. Patients, suffering these illnesses, usually, there is a strong decrease in the transverse dimensions of the vertebrae and thinning of the intervertebral tissue. And for this reason is an inflammation of the spinal nerve, causing severe pain. Familiar tools for cure neuralgia were uspakaivayuschie and warming ointment (FLEX, Finalgon, etc.) and more injections and pills. Learn more on the subject from Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MD. But it should be noted that Deklofenak still quite bad for those of us who have problems with their stomach.

It dramatically reduces the mucous membrane and this leads to significant pain and in some cases even to the appearance of ulcers in the stomach. Igor, Moscow. "I often come . More recently, the devil disease accompanied by severe pain. I started Deklofinak, but the pain has not receded. This lasted for about two months. I have all this very much harassed, and I decided to start using noni juice. In the morning, waking, fasting drank 15 ml.

And before dinner for about 30-40 minutes before meals – 15 ml. Exhausting pain almost immediately went away. After ten dny she disappeared and never returned. At the moment I am using noni juice just before lunch – 15 ml (as per 30 min. before eating). I do not want to stop taking all of about a month. That's so cool to help me noni juice. " Among other things noni juice perfectly removes different kind of pain, it stimulates healthy cell division and its regeneration. As a consequence, patients osteohandrozom not only inhibited regression spine, but also has a place to be recovery (regeneration) of tissue. Naturally Noni Juice – not a panacea. And we do not expect something from him – then this supernatural. But studies have confirmed that there are good reasons to drink noni juice continuously from neuralgia and osteohandroze. Drink Noni Juice and you will not regret it!