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Five years ago, brand shoes could sell 300 and up to $500. Before the economic crisis, consumers in love with shoes – driven by easy credit and a feeling of wealth newly discovered arising from the revaluation of the stock market and real estate – came to pay 800 and up to $1,200 for a pair of shoes. Since then, that to give this crisis and affected the income, consumers have to further streamline purchase, give preference to articles, products they really need. There will be more control on expenditure and will buy what is necessary. Failing banks with their lending policies and the trash troop in pro of impulsive consumers through credit cards, many companies will see that their products They will not demand as before and this given that the consumer has felt really negative effect on their purchases due to the current crisis. All this of course, has given way to a new style of shopping, to a new consumer behavior where your purchase will be very rational, rather than impulsive and where many companies must seek strategies markets ensuring purchases of their products. Hence, it doesn’t surprise us that say, that there is another attitude toward the purchase, the consumer wants to pay only for things you need, or truly extraordinary value products. We go back to a simpler time, however the pendulum will stop at some intermediate point of the tour.

We are a country that, throughout history, have always purchased more than needed. We are going to go back to a point in which buy back more of what they’re buying now. With regard to the abusive expenses pre-crisis times, this time no longer, at least not at the moment. By last, it indicates us Universia Knowledge Wharton, that to Leonard Lodish, Wharton Marketing Professor, Americans might have fame much appreciate material things, but their desire for consumption is not characteristic of them in comparison with any other human being. The French, he says, coined the term prestige, while the Japanese, and now the Chinese, boast explosive levels of post-industrial consumption. Non-marketing professionals, says Lodish, who operated the trigger of consumerism. They simply react to a desire that comes from inside of people. It is very difficult to create an innate need. That is a consequence of the interaction between society, values and norms of the culture specifically, there will be new changes in consumer buying, they will have more mastery of their emotions, especially when they know that their incomes have been affected, and do not already have the support of banks in the form as open as before they collaborated with their credits.

Castle Hospital

When we place a container plastic in the microwave or freezer; releases a substance called dioxin that poisons the cells of our body. Recently I read an article from Dr. Edgard Fujimotto, director of the Wellness of the Castle Hospital program, who emphasizes that when we heat plastic containers or covered with this material, on these computers, run the risk of interfering in our bodies the dioxin bouncing these materials at such high temperatures, this being extremely harmful and dangerous to health. Imagine how many parents there, makes them very comfortable to prepare several knobs of milk or baby bottles, so their children do not go work and comfortably has for a teapot of rubber, which is also exposed to these radiation that damage the small agency. I know that it is a comfort. There is no doubt. However we are putting in a high risk the lives of our children.

Recommended that everything that we calentemos in the microwave oven in glass jars, and if possible covered or covered with a white paper napkin but never without anything. The hectic life today in all countries, makes us use the most modern methods in order to make everyday life more comfortable, however so many young children, as adults, are exposed to serious dangers with the improper use of some of these new electronic modern appliances, including the same computers. Bottles have an age and require our care to not put at risk the lives of infants. We teach our small since they begin to avail themselves to use their little hands, pots and cutlery suitable for each age. We can avoid that our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings, neighbors and others, have to go to the orthodontist to correct the permanent teeth because of deviations from a bottle out of his age. But more importantly, also protect them from more serious diseases like cancer that can be purchased by the heating of food quickly. I leave to the reflection of this article that has touched the fibers of my person in the past. Author original and source of the article.

Skin Care

Caress of the Sun besides producing wrinkles and spots, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun is an important factor of risk of dermatological cancer. Specialists advise taking precautions. It is very important that people understand that the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin is cumulative. Over the years, changes which accumulate and combine with other factors that collaborate with the appearance of skin tumors are produced. the skin spots is very important that people understand that the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin is cumulative.

Over the years, changes which accumulate and combine with other factors that collaborate with the appearance of skin tumors are produced. Symptoms: Skin, change of coloration spots, moles, freckles, etc. To avoid skin diseases certain problems of the skin such as Acne and eczema can consider ways in which the body tries to stay of toxins through the skin. We can help our body make these processes more effective with better care for our kidneys. We must see that our kidneys are working properly and not to overload them with the job of eliminating toxins from the body. To not have skin diseases, should drink plenty of water.

Drink at least eight glasses to two liters of water (filtered if possible) through the day, and try to eat large portions of fiber every day. Limit sugary foods and drinks. Tries to eat more fruits and vegetables. Treatment get rid of prolonged exposure to the Sun can be the best antitodo so not appear many unwanted stains on the skin. Sunscreen with high factors should be used by people who have a tendency to develop stains (this becomes almost necessary if it’s vitiligo). Present these problems, medicine and modern cosmetics have very varied procedures for the partial or total elimination. We can go to the help of laser, bleaching or whitening creams, the application techniques as the peeling that It removes the epidermis cells and encourages the emergence of new ones, etc. If reasons of preoccupations are taken by the appearance of our skin, it is very important that you periodically visit the dermatologist. For more information visit the information we provide is general in nature; Remember that this information alone, cannot replace health care or human services you may need. We only provide information and reference service, please refer to the health professional that deals with any concern that may have about their own health. Original author and source of the article.