This and swimming! First of all, it's an easy way to leave and get rid of a lot of problems during pregnancy. In water, all the movements are soft, there is almost no load in the water body is almost weightless. Occurs muscle relaxation, the load is removed from the spine. Children are floating mothers do not suffer from asphyxia and hypoxia – diseases associated with oxygen deprivation. If you decide to swim in the pool, first check with administrator and the physician pool – be allowed if they are pregnant to swim in their pool. And it is not reassurance, but a reasonable approach to the issue.

The doctor, who oversees future mother, is to give 'good' in the swimming pool. Exercises that can be performed in the water an incredible set. Better to start with the easiest. You can consult about this with your gynecologist and an instructor in gymnastics for pregnant women. In the end, you can invent their own exercises – those that allow you and your baby inside, feel easy and comfortable. Long been aware of the great magical power of water.

Water absorbs all the fatigue, doubt, sickness. The swimming pool and swim until the last possible day of pregnancy – as long as you like until you are well and happy. There are special groups, and even the center, where classes for pregnancy, it is in the basins. Can you imagine? The entire pool for pregnant women. Expectant mothers who are tired of the severity of the baby and just walk in the water begin to move gracefully and swim like a mermaid. By and large have a huge advantage over other kinds of exercises for pregnant women – it's easy and very pleasant. Besides lessons in the pool are the same if not greater effect than conventional 'dry' gymnastics. By the same author: Cancer Research. Obstetrician-gynecologists have long noticed, that women who have undergone training in the pool giving birth easier and faster than others. They recovered quickly, and most importantly – their children are not afraid of the water, but instead tend to float. Summarizing all the above should also be noted that in addition to gymnastics should follow a diet with restriction of fat and sweet, with plenty of fluids, if not constrained by the kidneys, as well as eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Successful you genera!