Analytical Chemistry

I think that readers familiar with this concept as "biogeochemical zones" (provinces). The founder of the doctrine of biogeochemistry is VI Vernadsky. They created the first biogeochemical laboratory. Other leaders such as Dean Ornish M.D offer similar insights. As a result of its operations (now the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Vernadsky RAS), there was a study of the biogeochemical provinces. Biogeochemical provinces – an area on the Earth's surface, characterized by specific to their content of chemical elements in rocks, soil, surface and groundwater, vegetation, which affects the spread of some diseases, which are called endemic. They are caused by an excess or deficiency of some chemical elements in water and local foods. The most typical endemic diseases are endemic goitre with iodine deficiency in food, dental caries with a deficit in the drinking water fluoride, fluorosis with an excess of fluoride in the environment.

In addition to natural biogeochemical provinces, whose boundaries are often all coincide with the spread of certain types of rocks or soil, there were man-made (anthropogenic) biogeochemical provinces. Their appearance is due to the technological activities of man, pollution the environment from industrial development. In the Soviet Union was a system of biogeochemical zoning (1958-1964). Food of animal origin, obtained from animals in the biogeochemical zone, especially in the excessive content of some toxic elements, represent a direct danger to humans. As you can see, this problem has always existed. Even without human intervention in nature, it is not always were "paradises" that are suitable for healthy and long life. The food we eat.

Spinal Issues

Every gardener is familiar unpleasant evening back pain after a hard day at the cottage. Also, after the rectification of a tilted position on the bed sometimes appear very unpleasant painful stretching spine. All these symptoms are important alarms that tell a person that would have been wiser to make a diagnosis of spine and take at least a minimal course of treatment. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. by clicking through. Unfortunately, more often, Many people are absolutely doing nothing for the recovery of the spine, hoping that everything goes by itself. The necessity of medical intervention is realized, alas, only if necessary – to the point where to fix something is almost impossible. According to statistics, treatment of the spine in half the cases does not give the desired results or brings only temporary relief. It is known that most people in Russia are sedentary lifestyle, do not develop themselves physically, and thereby bring his muscular system to a very sad state. Naturally, it is the most disastrous consequences on the spine – it becomes weak, distorted, and may at any time fail.

As a result, after a sudden load appear unpleasant pain, which are very difficult to remove by standard methods of treatment. In recent years, more and more popularity in the treatment of spinal cord receives a so-called interstitial electrostimulation – a unique method of treatment, which may directly impact on the pain points of bone, passing numerous barriers (skin, muscle, etc.). As a result, the affected vertebrae is quickly restored circulation (the main cause of most back problems), activates the metabolism, stop the disintegration of cartilage and improves the conductivity of the peripheral nerves. After treatment of back pain disappear, not temporarily, but for a long time. It is especially effective this method in combination with massage – a blow to ailment turns out diverse and very effective.

In addition to the successful treatment of the spine, interstitial electrostimulation is recommended to treat many other ailments: headaches and migraines ulcer stomach vegetative-vascular dystonia asthma enuresis interstitial electrostimulation technique, developed by Professor AA Gerasimov, guarantees the successful elimination of pain syndromes in 95% of patients. The main advantages of interstitial electrostimulation over other methods of treatment include: treatment may occur in ambulatory pronounced pain syndrome docked after the first two procedures long-term effects of treatment may non-surgical treatment of hernias of intervertebral disks and arthritis of the joints. The method of interstitial electrostimulation is included in the state register under number 2001/115 – "Treatment of pain syndromes the spine and joints by interstitial electrostimulation ", as well as approved and recommended by Russian Ministry of Health for use in patient treatment. Today Gerasimov technique has been used successfully in many medical institutions in Russia and CIS countries.