Swiss Schwinger King Arnold Forrer

The iLifeSTAT uses the ancient knowledge of the meridians and combines many advantages and opportunities. Can our energy with the iLifeSTAT Condition will be detected. So errors can be found in the balance of our energy system. The flow of the ch’i is so monitored. So causes can be determined by chronic disease and blockages caused by scars, stress and mental health problems, based on State of the art technology.

Based on these measurements, then, solutions can be found to restore the balance of our energy flows. iLife SOMM if errors were detected and tracked, opts for iLife known funds, used for thousands of years. With the iLifeSOMM system, the company offers three active components bundled together in a function table. Micro vibration to the penetration of all body structures specially tuned sounds, sounds or music electro magnetic stimulation. By the iLifeSOMM Sun, complement and strengthen this long known means of therapy and manage to do so a huge field of application for this new possibility something for his health. Can this effective combination in children Perception, concentration and creativity, promote and improve.

So can overcome learning difficulties, exam nerves and hyperactive children find inner peace. Adults use the iLifeSOMM system to provide for their health and to alleviate everyday ailments such as tension, anxiety or pain. Also the combination of different vibrations to spine, to relieve muscles and joints and helps to solve mental and physical problems and to prevent. Also why astronauts not only use, but also many athletes, such as for example the Swiss Schwinger King Arnold Forrer, this modern combination of evaluating knowledge. And not only to rehabilitation. The training and competition preparation, to reduce the vulnerability of the injury and the performance athletes are supported by the iLifeSOMM system. More information on the iLifeSOMM system there on and directly in personal contact with an iLifeProfessional.