Umbrellas In The Wind

Parasols defy also made in Germany quality umbrellas made of aluminium can violent winds at appropriate construction and design to withstand high wind speeds up to Beaufort 6 (approximately 50 km / h) in the open position. Thus, the restaurateur WINS valuable time rapidly approaching wind quickly dismantled the outdoor area and gives away must be. The Swabian company may rectangular produces such large screens, round up to sizes of 10 m, or 7x8m. The screens are in addition equipped with side walls, lighting and heating, even in bad weather in the outdoor area guests can be catered further. Wind stability of umbrellas is significantly determined by the design and the choice of materials.

The wind rates were determined through trial-and-error, or wind tunnel tests earlier mostly empirically. Today, however, working producers in the premiumsegment, such as may, with proofs of load, as they call the relevant DIN standards. Which enables the restaurateur different models compare and wins the necessary security of investment. May reached through the use of high-quality aluminium combined with elaborate bracing and verbindungen, make sure that the screen is not damaged to this wind speed high wind stability of models Schattello and albatross. The internationally common scale for the measurement of wind speeds, dates back to the British Admiral Sir Beaufort. Beaufort 0 (calm), she goes up to Beaufort 12 (hurricane force), which corresponds to about 117 km/h. “Admiral Beaufort has added the pure numbers very plastic descriptions, so he describes as Beaufort 6 with: thick branches move, audible whistles on wires and telephone lines”. Enterprise: May umbrellas is a medium-sized family-owned company from upper Swabians (Swabian Alb/Bodensee).