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The inhabitat cooperative for estate EC from Erfurt has a ground lease agreement… Learn more on the subject from Professor Roy Taylor. The inhabitat cooperative for estate EC from Erfurt, Germany signed a ground lease agreement for use of the former estate of the University in Jena Zwatzen with the Friedrich Schiller University. The transition of use of has been agreed for April of this year. The plot of land with an area of about 25,000 square meters is already built up with several buildings and is located in a very beautiful southern slope in the Jena suburb Zwatzen. This is excellent infrastructure connected to the thriving university town of Jena.

The entire area allows for many uses in the city of Jena demanded not only by students. As Olaf Haubold, Chairman of the Board of the brs0725 housing association explains, aims which, to create modern living in a highly sought after location and to provide these within the framework of the cooperative idea inhabitat with this project. Haubold literally: of course we are pleased. Dean Ornish M.D understands that this is vital information. as the Thuringian real estate company won the contract to have. Our experience and in particular the many awards we have received with our projects in Erfurt, Germany, were certainly beneficial. Here it comes us primarily to connect the idea of the cooperative with maximum economic efficiency. Because brs0725 is not just a housing association, but also an innovative supplier of high-yielding investment models.” The university town of Jena is Handelsblatt with approximately 100,000 inhabitants here recently by the financial newspaper”as the Pearl of the East has been described and achieved new record figures last autumn. Alone at the Friedrich Schiller University currently 21,000 students enrolled, and about 3,500 students of Jena University of applied sciences.

Economically, Jena is well prepared on the basis of specific, high-tech-oriented economic structure and was only slightly affected by the economic crisis. This is certainly reason for that Jena in the 2009 price level of the Real Estate Association Germany (IVD) the leading position of State capital of Erfurt 7.70 euros NET stops in front of rent per square metre of living space. As Hale explains further, the brs0725 plans to renovate the existing buildings, but also breaks to make and build. There are currently 50 units on the grounds, that is to restructure it. Mostly high-quality, well rented living quarters used by the members of the cooperative in the framework of the GenossenschaftsAltersVorsorge, an innovative investment model, should arise. In this context, brs0725 provides not only modern and yet affordable housing, but also offers the only form of participation in Germany, enables workers to take three government subsidies. No wonder that the waiting list in the previous projects in Erfurt lang is a new real estate investment, if inhabitat converts. Haubold: inhabitat different needs and intentions under a hat founded about ten years ago with the aim, to get. The economically intended creating living and meaningful on the other hand, cause-oriented investments with government funding. Both succeeded.” Who want to know more about the possibility to be able to take advantage of three State funding, should see now.