Tips For The Rainwater Use In House And Garden

Helps the environment, saves money! Rain water is a precious commodity which enjoys in Germany of increasingly popular. It was previously only used in poorer countries and with us at the most flower casting, onset climate change, ecological awareness in the population, and last but not least increased water prices have led to a great demand for efficient rainwater systems. Germany is the leader in this technology, and there are many good suppliers in the domestic market. Low cost for garden irrigation is the most obvious benefit of a rainwater harvesting. It must be expected in the next few years with generally more extreme weather conditions, including long, dry summers.

Who has a well-kept garden, will look forward to the water bill reduce something. There are also ways to incorporate the systems so that free rainwater in the House can be used. There are up to 80 litres at an average daily consumption of 140 litres per person per day Drinking water, which replaced can be, for example, for the car wash, the toilet flush and the operation of the washing machine. In addition to the savings, it comes here to further positive effects. The rain water is inherently lime-free and therefore soft”. In many areas the normal drinking water is however hard”, contains so much lime.

This can settle in the washing machine and cause damage there: A problem that hardly occurs when the use of rainwater. In addition, you need less detergent, which is also soft water. The exact savings but is hardly universal to predict, because the personal behavior heavily influenced the consumption of water. You think about it, to create such a system, the actual consumption should be calculated before as accurately as possible, so that unnecessary costs can be avoided. It is also important to think about the nature of the cistern. Here there are different construction methods, especially the difference between concrete and plastic tanks.