Makeup For The Contour Of The Eyes

The delicacy of the contour of eyes, requires that we closely monitor the quality of cosmetics. No cream to treat the contours of the eyes is able to slow down the passage of time. But yes it is possible to take care of that as thin skin and sensitive and important of our face. Many times, we spend the money on a contour of eyes, however the problem does not always is the contornode eyes, but by the incorrect application of the. With this video’s give a few tricks of beauty of the correct way to put elcontorno’s eyes, both men and women.

With this video you will learn how to apply eye contour.Eye contour is applied at night before d lie, this since it is a fairly greasy cream. The aim is also that it is several hours. There are many brands on the market but you can choose which makes you better, seeks as far as possible an containing Q10 eye contour is applied with the ring finger, do it with small strokes and slowly because it is a very sensitive area. Apply it in the area below eye, from the tear to the outside, in the corners where Crow’s feet appear also put a little beauty product because it is an area that we maltreat much..