The Optimum

It is not enough to select well, she is necessary to transform the election into a team and for this I consider seven important steps: 1- It selects amongst the best ones, the best ones. Before if undertaking in a conscription it verifies if all the specifications of the position and function, and all the objectives and necessities clearly are specified, from you will know who there will be the adjusted person to supply the necessities of the function. In a similar way it looks for to leave of side the urgency sense, this leads to a fast election and on low index of efficiency, becoming its inefficacious result, making with that it selects a person good when could count on an excellent person. It has calm when carrying through more the selection and the election of the adjusted candidates for the function that it desires to supply, it follows the process all and it attempts against for the established criteria. The goal has in form mind well clear which that it intends to reach and which will be the objectives that will be necessary to mark themselves, thus will only have conditions to find the person most adequate for funo.2- It selects and it extracts of best the optimum one. Preventive Medicine Research Institute addresses the importance of the matter here. This step is of extreme importance in the process to become a set of individuals selected in a team. You are welcome it will advance to have its disposal individuals with some talentos if these will not be identified, selected and mainly applied in what the function needs. Thus, it does not matter if the individual is excellent in several pursuings we need to identify, amongst the many abilities which will be useful it function and to work in order to extract and to apply this ability of the best possible form in the function to be played. That is, amongst all the abilities and qualities which we need to develop and to apply similar of that it supplies the existing necessities.