It rains now and I do not have what to make. It is impressive as the best texts leave in the running of the day, while we are ocupadissmos. See more detailed opinions by reading what Professor Roy Taylor offers on the topic.. But when we are seated comfortably with penxs and paper in the hand, nothing he comes. Everything that comes is phrases of musics that they insist on being in the mind. When we are with haste and very work to make here it is that ' ' EUREKA' ' , an idea appears that we write down in any place and this finishes turning a workmanship primamas in the situation I find where me, the only subject to write is the subject I find where me. everything this for guilt of rain! Trick, it does not have guilt to fall. But when it falls I fcho. As if I was with sleep. It falls and beats fort in the roof. Not giving courage to me to make nothing that is not inside of house. I wait that it stops But enfim…com or if rain, tomorrow I will have that to leave to work.