Sales Ideas To Go! 1 IdeenTage In Berlin

The 1 IdeenTage on April 20, 2010 in Berlin, Hanover, March 19, 2010. “Restaurateurs, beware: switched to the crisis, sleeve high and the turnover-Turbo” it says on April 20th, 2010 in Berlin, when the maker of IdeenKuche to the infotainment workshop with multiple turnover guarantee get started. Under the title of IdeenTage, founded in 2007, network for successful and innovative gastronomy, as well as selected industry partners launches a nationwide series of exciting events. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. Field-proven ideas, concepts and solutions are the focus, which can implement the participants in direct connection in their farms without much effort and thus generate more revenue. Here, the IdeenKuche is a new way: for the first time are considered bar, kitchen and service and presents the smooth interplay between all areas of a catering company. The owner of restaurant manager up to the Assistant finds out everyone, as more & better goes!”can be implemented in our own factory. Top speakers and gastro professionals can look over the shoulder: via video live broadcast from the hotel kitchen there are responses to the subject of cost pressures and lack of professionals. With the bar solutions is the mega-hype surrounding the brown bean of the cult in the focus, as well as trends for latte macchiato & co.

“The Marcellino’s stage show service as a sales driver” on the live model shows how service personnel become bestsellers. This interplay of the individual restaurant areas has never been it in a single workshop”, enthuses Tosin A. David, who is responsible for the content of the service. Enthusiastic visitors, that is our goal”, said Stefan Cammann, founder and trainer of the IdeenKuche ConceptAkademie. The IdeenTage provide an ideal platform for new impetus in terms of additional business”, brings Mario Grube one of the most successful Barista trainers of the Republic, it is to the point. The goal: better quality, shining guests, less stress, more cash! 1 IdeenTage 20 April 2010 in Berlin 10:00 to 18:00 Fee 299,-per person plus VAT info and registration at 0511 / 54 57 72 04 IdeenKuche ConceptAkademie with the extension to the fields of service and bar and the related cooperation with Marcellino’s Academy, the IdeenKuche ConceptAkademie founded in 2002 offers a continuous training and training portfolio in all areas of a catering operation. Thus the Academy in terms of customer benefits in Germany is probably unique. The credo for all offers: absolute practicality.