Egyptian Tarot

This article is to review some of the male figures of the tarot. Each of the arcane surely represents any person or circumstances surrounding the life of the individual. You may recognize one person each mystery of our environment. The Egyptian Tarot deck covers a wide range of archetypes, or characters, each of which has very complex and defined characteristics. The tarot, one way or another, he manages to the arcane, both major and minors, describing almost all the characters or situations for which a person can go through. So, if you look carefully arcane, we see them reflected in the people around us. The ability of those who can read tarot cards is to assign the precise meaning of each letter and its characters correspond with reality. It is interesting to study each of the arcana of the tarot, and see what each one brings us. Many writers such as Jane Figueiredo offer more in-depth analysis.

In particular, it is striking how powerful male figures of the gypsy tarot deck. The Fool is the first arcanum of the tarot, and is a female figure. In general, Men are more arcane tools on objects in the world than women's. Women in the tarot are represented as having gifts of wealth, power based on the wisdom or the ability to perceive reality beyond the obvious, the renowned female intuition. El Loco dominates the world of material based on attitudes at odds with common sense. It is the typical character that comes to tarot risky actions, but without a sound understanding of the consequences, is the one who gives what is known as "leaps of faith." Avanza not knowing what to expect, but the result is very favorable, always too good.

He is a lucky. The Wizard is also a character of the tarot with power over material things, the things of the world, but their power is based on their knowledge, in alchemy, the mother of all sciences of antiquity. Contrary to Loco, moves quite knowing what to expect, managing all the threads, as a chemist weighs each element of a formula. The Emperor, tarot card is represented authority. It is the will, energy and power in the service of an ultimate end. Can be a powerful protector who helps us. The High Priest, the tarot card that links us with divinity, is the mediator between this world and the supreme power. You may also want to talk about dogma, an unchanging body, which should not be modified, although the external conditions change and be dynamic. Here are some secrets of the tarot that we refer to male figures. What person in their environment can be recognized in each of them? James Thompson