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Sales, marketing and PR for consultant, Freelancer and trainer Freelancer, trainer, consultant familiar with the vexing problem: acquire jobs. As masters of their trade they do poorly, in the cold calls and selling your services. And right now in the crisis to melt even the project offers. The new book by Hanspeter Reiter illustrated the way the lone brand. Because even with a small budget and little time freelancers, consultants and trainers can pull up a functioning “distribution apparatus”, which effectively ensure awareness and new orders. Trainer, consultant or Freelancer: technically good, even very good.

Consulting, designing and presenting dominate them inside out. But that is not enough today. New orders and projects do not come by alone – acquire, telephoning and sell is the new challenge. Hanspeter Reiter in his new book shows how marketing and sales in the classic lone markets work. By the skillful self-promotion through CRM brand equity building up to the unprecedented opportunities of the WEB 2.0 this book is field-proven tips for customer acquisition. No matter what tips from this book – implemented in the Act is crucial: you must remain with the customer in the conversation and attract potential buyers – because no way around, that is the key to success.

Thanks to many practical worksheets, checklists and examples, this book is required reading for consultant, Freelancer and trainer and offers lots of tips, tools, and ideas to get started immediately. Content: Give and give let 119 pages, numerous illustrations so using social media acquisition so you will recommend the best – simply to the topic of conversation as you come up with articles in the media let trial lesson as it attracts customers and much more Hanspeter Reiter alone successfully just casually selling, marketing and PR consultant, Freelancer and trainer 21,80 EUR D / 22.50 EUR A / 35.90 CHF UVP ISBN: 978-3-869800-03-5 alone successfully acquisition just so by the way/eb-776.html more titles from the series “Alone successfully” “Alone successfully – the lone brand”, Giso Weyand, 2nd Edition 2009, ISBN 978-3-938358-22-1 alone successfully the lone brand/eb-661.html is the author Hanspeter Reiter an insider tip in terms of intelligent marketing for lone. With more than 30 years of experience as a trainer, consultant and Freelancer, he is among the most distinguished experts in the multi-level sales of statement of services. For assistance, try visiting AG1. BusinessVillage, books that are fun.


A radiant and uniform skin is a sign of health and beauty. Children have a complexion perfect, free from imperfections and throughout our adult lives, we try to get that smooth skin, with a perfect tone and spotless. According to the statistics that the doctors handled more than 21% of visits to Dermatologists are due to problems of spots on the skin. Dark spots that leave for example the acne scars or those that have some pregnant women caused by the Sun (melasma) are not only an aesthetic problem and fortunately have solution. Producing pigments (melanin) in the skin cells, called melanocytes and created the color of skin, other forms of pigmentation, spots for example.

There are two ways to avoid that pigment is produced, on the one hand we can prevent the formation of melanin, using topical substances such as hydroquinone, the licorice extract, the arbutin and Kojic acid. These substances inhibit the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme. Hydroquinone is deprecated because in concentrations too high can cause skin problems. Another method is to avoid the transfer of color to the skin cells. There are studies that show that both NIACINAMIDE and soybeans play this role and why are used in whitening products. It also helps utilize assets such as retinol or the alpha (glycolic acid, acids from flowers etc) that can accelerate the natural process of exfoliation and skin renewal. Interesting options are creams Kali simple Pearl s that contain different ingredients depigmentation to achieve more effective action.

Merged the licorice, the concentrated extract of red algae and vitamin C which allow inhibit the formation of stains and remove excess of melanin by exfoliation. Other prestigious brands, such as magnet have gels and whitening creams, Isdin has various products and natural brands like Alqvimia. To preserve a uniform tone of the skin, without annoying stains, it is important to protect themselves properly from the Sun. The Sun’s rays stimulate the largest production of melanin (or skin pigment) to protect themselves from their damages, is what we call tanning us. In addition the Sun’s rays cause spots (solar lentigo), they worsen melasma (commonly called cloth of pregnant women) and other skin damage. The key is to use a sunscreen of quality, not only in summer but all year round with a minimum of 15 FPS. Not only clearer skins but also furs stockings and dark since all may suffer the negative effects of exposure to UV rays. Caries Mercier
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Largescreen Technology

ViewSonic builds large-scale displays and solutions for digital signage from Munich ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, the 30 may 2013 -, reinforces its commitment in the field of “Digital signage” by introducing a number of new and attractive displays for the use in the industrial field. With an experience of over 25 years and many awards as a technologically leading companies in the display area, ViewSonic is a guarantee for high-quality and comprehensive digital signage solutions. The company offers a broad portfolio of products and innovative technologies and designed displays for commercial use, which satisfy the highest standards. Whether in the field of education, in company showrooms – ViewSonic’s digital signage solutions change the way, as companies advertise, inform and with their audiences to communicate. The currently available solutions are perfectly suited for each Industry, in the large-format displays signage installations are required: busy retail areas, information terminals in the public space and advertising space in banks or universities.

ViewSonic’s product portfolio is ideal for presentations in executive offices, as well as meeting and conference rooms. The large-scale displays are suitable as information terminals in Office buildings and for e-poster advertising in commercial and retail spaces. Professor Roy Taylor has much experience in this field. ViewSonic wants to make available and affordable large format displays and digital signage solutions for organizations of any size not only for large companies and established retail chains. “Screens are becoming static and passive devices and active and dynamic solutions. We have prepared us with a roadmap, which includes the latest interactive technologies, with which, for example, the audience can be actively involved in a presentation. Along with successful distributors, we make sure that all our products are available all over Europe”, explains Mark Lufkin, Managing Director of ViewSonic Europe Ltd. The technology world is undergoing rapid change. It a paradigm shift takes place currently by the digitization is progressing ever faster.

One reason is the growing desire of people to find key information quickly and accurately, as well as to retrieve it using digital devices and save. Companies large and small, need to introduce also large displays to use applications such as digital advertising, information services and interactive collaboration, with which they reach their target groups. All ViewSonic products include a 3-year warranty which can be extended to additional options. The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global leading company in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology. Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focuses on, World’s first election under the brand provider of Visual solutions to be. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital signage, and cloud-computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future. The ViewSonic Finch Club is a dedicated partner portal for distributors, resellers, and online retailer, offers valuable corporate and product information as well as news and the possibility of reduced order of demo products.

Egyptian Tarot

This article is to review some of the male figures of the tarot. Each of the arcane surely represents any person or circumstances surrounding the life of the individual. You may recognize one person each mystery of our environment. The Egyptian Tarot deck covers a wide range of archetypes, or characters, each of which has very complex and defined characteristics. The tarot, one way or another, he manages to the arcane, both major and minors, describing almost all the characters or situations for which a person can go through. So, if you look carefully arcane, we see them reflected in the people around us. The ability of those who can read tarot cards is to assign the precise meaning of each letter and its characters correspond with reality. It is interesting to study each of the arcana of the tarot, and see what each one brings us. Many writers such as Jane Figueiredo offer more in-depth analysis.

In particular, it is striking how powerful male figures of the gypsy tarot deck. The Fool is the first arcanum of the tarot, and is a female figure. In general, Men are more arcane tools on objects in the world than women's. Women in the tarot are represented as having gifts of wealth, power based on the wisdom or the ability to perceive reality beyond the obvious, the renowned female intuition. El Loco dominates the world of material based on attitudes at odds with common sense. It is the typical character that comes to tarot risky actions, but without a sound understanding of the consequences, is the one who gives what is known as "leaps of faith." Avanza not knowing what to expect, but the result is very favorable, always too good.

He is a lucky. The Wizard is also a character of the tarot with power over material things, the things of the world, but their power is based on their knowledge, in alchemy, the mother of all sciences of antiquity. Contrary to Loco, moves quite knowing what to expect, managing all the threads, as a chemist weighs each element of a formula. The Emperor, tarot card is represented authority. It is the will, energy and power in the service of an ultimate end. Can be a powerful protector who helps us. The High Priest, the tarot card that links us with divinity, is the mediator between this world and the supreme power. You may also want to talk about dogma, an unchanging body, which should not be modified, although the external conditions change and be dynamic. Here are some secrets of the tarot that we refer to male figures. What person in their environment can be recognized in each of them? James Thompson

Sales Ideas To Go! 1 IdeenTage In Berlin

The 1 IdeenTage on April 20, 2010 in Berlin, Hanover, March 19, 2010. “Restaurateurs, beware: switched to the crisis, sleeve high and the turnover-Turbo” it says on April 20th, 2010 in Berlin, when the maker of IdeenKuche to the infotainment workshop with multiple turnover guarantee get started. Under the title of IdeenTage, founded in 2007, network for successful and innovative gastronomy, as well as selected industry partners launches a nationwide series of exciting events. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. Field-proven ideas, concepts and solutions are the focus, which can implement the participants in direct connection in their farms without much effort and thus generate more revenue. Here, the IdeenKuche is a new way: for the first time are considered bar, kitchen and service and presents the smooth interplay between all areas of a catering company. The owner of restaurant manager up to the Assistant finds out everyone, as more & better goes!”can be implemented in our own factory. Top speakers and gastro professionals can look over the shoulder: via video live broadcast from the hotel kitchen there are responses to the subject of cost pressures and lack of professionals. With the bar solutions is the mega-hype surrounding the brown bean of the cult in the focus, as well as trends for latte macchiato & co.

“The Marcellino’s stage show service as a sales driver” on the live model shows how service personnel become bestsellers. This interplay of the individual restaurant areas has never been it in a single workshop”, enthuses Tosin A. David, who is responsible for the content of the service. Enthusiastic visitors, that is our goal”, said Stefan Cammann, founder and trainer of the IdeenKuche ConceptAkademie. The IdeenTage provide an ideal platform for new impetus in terms of additional business”, brings Mario Grube one of the most successful Barista trainers of the Republic, it is to the point. The goal: better quality, shining guests, less stress, more cash! 1 IdeenTage 20 April 2010 in Berlin 10:00 to 18:00 Fee 299,-per person plus VAT info and registration at 0511 / 54 57 72 04 IdeenKuche ConceptAkademie with the extension to the fields of service and bar and the related cooperation with Marcellino’s Academy, the IdeenKuche ConceptAkademie founded in 2002 offers a continuous training and training portfolio in all areas of a catering operation. Thus the Academy in terms of customer benefits in Germany is probably unique. The credo for all offers: absolute practicality.

Puerto Vallarta

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta is the place with more restaurants in all Mexico? If you’ve visited this beautiful beach you will remember that everywhere you find restaurants and fonditas where you can enjoy the smells and flavors of all Mexico. Visit Puerto Vallarta does not mean that you only go to the beach, visit Puerto Vallarta and enjoy its gastronomy! Both Mexican food as international is which can be found in this small and beautiful port. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the new year in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy your delicious food? Hotels are prepared to receive the most demanding palates and partygoers of course, because they prepare huge celebrations to welcome the new year. It may have plane tickets more expensive as year-end nears, but remember that Mexico has with low cost carriers that support you with your expenses. If you’re going to start planning your trip to Puerto Vallarta recommend that you seek tickets Tickets that go from Toluca, because thus you will save a bit more. Your tickets to Puerto Vallarta from Toluca you can find from 1,300 pesos in the last week of the year, clear, with low cost airlines. Travel to port fence for the feast of new year could be one of your best moments, plane tickets are not very expensive and awaits a mega party full of flavors and colors, wait no longer and traveled to Puerto Vallarta! Original author and source of the article

Google AdWords – Precisely And Purposefully Promote

How to use the largest advertising network in the world millions of people products, services, information search on Google every day. What so obvious, as to display advertising tailored to the query, to reach to millions of new customer contacts? It is a breeze, inexpensively, quickly and flexibly display advertising in the search results and get customers to your website with Google AdWords. In this book, Sabrina Zebisch shows how to shut large advertising with Google AdWords with a small budget. The campaign planning, the keyword selection to the use of Google Analytics and conversion tracking, this book shows how the advertising with AdWords on the latest works and how the various tools offered by Google, are effectively eimgesetzt. Besides the technical aspects, the advertising content is a critical success factor. Strict editorial guidelines and the reduced ad space require a lot of creativity and flair you at the texts of AdWords ads. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The author illustrates what it at the Formulate and design of ads especially arrives. With many practical examples and tips, this book gives you valuable knowledge on how to best use Google AdWords, avoids typical mistakes and makes the most of the ads.

The book is now available in bookstores. Sabrina Zacharias Google AdWords – precisely and purposefully promote BusinessVillage Publisher 2010 ISBN: 9783869800547 24.80 EUR D / 25.60 EUR A / 37.90 CHF UVP Google-AdWords pinpoint and targeted advertising/eb-832.html cover 300 DPI: cover-832 the author – Sabrina Zebisch has many years of experience in online marketing and is certified as a Google AdWords qualified individual and Google Analytics qualified individual. Currently, she leads the online marketing department of at Convecto new media GmbH and renowned clients in the private and public sectors. Company Description BusinessVillage, books that are fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales about Public Relations & corporate communications to the topic range success & career employees, managers and Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts will find.

Technology Cheap

Buying products in Chinese stores is often put into question. Many allude to it are guilty of many business closure of local nature, small shops of neighborhood and, in general, traditional stores. But when the crisis squeezes, customer seeks primarily a good price. The technology sector is one of the least economic ones, but you can find products of this kind at an acceptable cost. But, where to get them? Where most manufactured, where is this place? In China, how I purchase Chinese goods that are not in Spain? Through the internet. Stores such as Amazon or eBay now have rival hard to peel in the sale of technology through the network. One of them, already known for millions of Internet users, is free shipping at according to which products the shipping price after buying a product on the internet can be, even more than the product that you want to (cables, connectors, adapters, Chargers). However, it is not the case of those who buy at page web, headquartered in Hong Kong, is capable of sending the order to anywhere in the world without shipping charges.

That Yes, in that case we should expect between two weeks and a month to us arrives. At Wifi routers for 11 euros, rods for 6 euros, readers of memory cards for $2 and charger for iPhone cables can be found for little more than one euro. This is only a small sample of everything that can be purchased on the web site, one of the most watched among lovers of technology. Another interesting site is, also based in china. It covers all kinds of products, from textiles to Accessories for the bike, passing through jewelry, decoration, toys, video games or articles of interest to those who go to celebrate their wedding with a special section to buy technology. Shipping costs are charged in this case Yes, but the prices of the products are also very attractive. Although they are not as popular as in, the catalog of articles is much more extensive. is another Chinese pages with pasted recognized on the network. The page belongs to the Group Alibaba, a business conglomerate dedicated to creating online stores to boost global sales of Chinese brands. With 22,000 employees and presence in 70 cities around the world, Alibaba is one of the big global players in the sector of online stores. In, you can purchase from a video camera with HD recording for 15 euros until helicopters remote control for 8 euros, as well as tents for less than ten euros. To not give you cat poke Internet is a space, by its dimensions, uncontrollable. In fact there are many complaints from users who have been swindled by alleged online stores that are actually fraudulent organizations. The advice experts give is always trying to make sure that the page is legal. To do this, you can follow these guidelines:-check that they have some means of payment certificate (such as Paypal), since all the portals that can be online shopping have certificates of this type. -Look at the time of purchase with the classic padlock icon appears on that website. It is not more than the certification of the browser that the site is secure. Similarly, a secure page must begin by https, not http. Nor is more that in forums to check the opinion of users about the company. Internet at the end is like a small town where everything is known.

Industrial Buildings

Purpose Circuit-breakers are designed for protection and switching distribution circuits against overloads and short circuits in the administrative, industrial and residential buildings. Key Features IAC-breakers: 1. Number of poles 1, 2, 3, 4, 2. Breaking capable of shutting down capacity is called the current value of short circuit, which circuit breaker is capable of withstanding simultaneously. Sometimes this option is called “resistance to short-circuit currents” This feature specifies the scope of the breakers. Check with Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to learn more. Breaking capacity represented by the following values breakers for overcurrent protection for household and similar destination. r-Ipil.html’>Sorrento therapeutics may also support this cause.

3. Rated current – current contacts of circuit breaker or the manufacturer’s current, which circuit breaker can be carried out in continuous mode at the set reference temperature. Continuous mode work means the continuous operation over an extended period of time, calculate, at least for years. As a standard reference ambient air temperature taken to 30 C. Rated current of MCBs can be in the range from 0.5 to 125A. 4.

Types of releases heat – protection against overload currents Electromagnetic – protection against short circuit currents Combined – overload protection and current kz 5. Setpoint current value of heat release, which will shutdown circuit breaker with overcurrent (work bimetallic plate) 6. Characterization operation of the electromagnetic release in 3.5 are designed to protect the active loads and long lines of lighting systems, TN-and it (sockets, lights).

Newspaper Players

Should you be friend coach their players? This question is the same as that sometimes occurs to parents in relation to whether considered that they should be friends of their children. I think honestly, just like parents, they are parents and no friends, coach above anything else has to be that, i.e. coach. Then, depending on the category which train you will need to act a human level taking into account a series of factors that are determined by the age of the players who directs. Dealing with a child of 13 years with an adult of 23 is not the same. Professor Roy Taylor is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What if it is common to any age or category, whether amateur or professional in any discipline, is to know the athlete as a person to treat. There is no doubt the more close and friendly to be displayed a coach with his players the better your relationship with them, but good treatment, good education and the good mood should not never give way to an exaggerated tolerance, lack of demand, indiscipline or excess of paternalism that often we are accustomed to seeing mostly when working with children and adolescents, and that often leads to an apology for the culture of the effort. Becoming then, the person directs a team, in pandering, rather than coach, and very skinny is the favor, making footballers that works, facing his personal and sports training, and allowed by their carelessness, lack of professionalism or few skills in exercising the direction of a group, that a team, in this case football becomes a genuine House of madmen.

With my own eyes, I have seen how teams of children with just 11 or 12 years transformed into small Devils, had become authentic wild hordes characterized by a total anarchy, in which the effort, organization and the most elementary norms of behavior were absolutely unknown concepts. Technicians, there are above all those who work with the base, who mistake not be hard on kids, with being too lax, and the bad thing is that when you they realize their excess of softness, his players are already so undisciplined and have established sports habits so negative, that unfortunately on many occasions there is no possibility that the growth of the tree (poorly planted and watered worse) may already be straightened. Paco Arias training On-Line festivals spring in LHOSPITALET DE LLOBREGAT column towards the anarchist Act / may 1st. Periodic anarchy anarchy newspaper N 14 on the streets! Newspaper tree anarchy Watch movies movies online link free crying excessive babies to extinction of behavior in dogs behavior problems are why fails? Joe with crazy eyes!