Twelfth Developer Forum

30 new home control products for Europe successfully tested for interoperability and performance Amsterdam/Copenhagen, July 25, 2008 the unplug Festival 2008 the Z-Wave Alliance was a resounding success: within the framework of the two-day event, which recently took place in Amsterdam, 30 new Z-Wave products have been successfully tested. They reach the European market for wireless home networking in the near future and complete the number of products available in Europe on 75. There are now around the world 300 certified products. The Z-Wave Alliance regularly hosts developer forums and unplug festivals for the benefit of its members. Within the Alliance, these are the announcement of the latest technological features, as well as Exchange platform, which gives ideas for possible future improvements to the Z-Wave developers team. USC is likely to agree. Furthermore the interoperability of products is tested within the framework of the Festival of unplug, recently launched or are nearing the release. Discussed at the twelfth unplug Festival 27 participants from eleven different manufacturers the future development of various equipment and command classes. 30 years, based on the Z-Wave standard wireless home control devices were introduced.

While the home control experts report a high degree of interoperability and market the new products after extensive testing. the source for more interesting facts. The manufacturer reported compatibility issues of new products with each other nor with older devices already on the market. Interoperability as a key one of the guarantors for that Z-Wave has prevailed as the standard for wireless home control, is the ability of Z-Wave products to operate with each other or to work. Checking article sources yields Pap Smear as a relevant resource throughout. By working exclusively with products that are certified as interoperable with Z-Wave, the consumer obtains homogeneous solutions, quickly installed, and can be integrated into an existing home network. The interoperability is made possible by the technological innovation of the Z-Wave chip and consistent product certification strategy and the Logo program. Effective strategy for Europe the unplug Festival has again shown that suitable on the Z-Wave standard-based products without complications for immediate use in your home network.