Castle Hospital

When we place a container plastic in the microwave or freezer; releases a substance called dioxin that poisons the cells of our body. Recently I read an article from Dr. Edgard Fujimotto, director of the Wellness of the Castle Hospital program, who emphasizes that when we heat plastic containers or covered with this material, on these computers, run the risk of interfering in our bodies the dioxin bouncing these materials at such high temperatures, this being extremely harmful and dangerous to health. Imagine how many parents there, makes them very comfortable to prepare several knobs of milk or baby bottles, so their children do not go work and comfortably has for a teapot of rubber, which is also exposed to these radiation that damage the small agency. I know that it is a comfort. There is no doubt. However we are putting in a high risk the lives of our children.

Recommended that everything that we calentemos in the microwave oven in glass jars, and if possible covered or covered with a white paper napkin but never without anything. The hectic life today in all countries, makes us use the most modern methods in order to make everyday life more comfortable, however so many young children, as adults, are exposed to serious dangers with the improper use of some of these new electronic modern appliances, including the same computers. Bottles have an age and require our care to not put at risk the lives of infants. We teach our small since they begin to avail themselves to use their little hands, pots and cutlery suitable for each age. We can avoid that our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings, neighbors and others, have to go to the orthodontist to correct the permanent teeth because of deviations from a bottle out of his age. But more importantly, also protect them from more serious diseases like cancer that can be purchased by the heating of food quickly. I leave to the reflection of this article that has touched the fibers of my person in the past. Author original and source of the article.