Publication Information

Munich law firm of attorneys at law juravendis to the decision of the Dusseldorf administrative court on the consumer information act. The Dusseldorf Administrative Court has decided that a legitimate privacy interest within the meaning of 2 sentence 1 can be no. 2 VIG not regarding such products, where standards are been ignored as such as food suitable not for human consumption, for misleading denomination, at too high microbial count, or marking defects is the case. At the same time, any revenues of the company are that violate the requirements of the standard and its name made public, are not worthy of protection. Read more here: Cancer Research. In its judgment, the Court makes clear that it was the desire of the legislator and is that a legitimate interest of the entrepreneur to the secrecy is no law violations. Finally, the protection of consumers in the focus is and so the publication of committed infringements, this objective. In the now determined case, a person has the Publication, or publication, present to the competent authorities information about violations of the food and feed law book of company requested, which in turn was a non-publication request.

Only for information about operating and trade secrets, which include technical and commercial knowledge, is an exception. Limited the claim to inform 2 VIG unless an important public or private interests protection is required. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz. After the VIG is derived from the right to information, that one will act as trustee of the general public who makes this claim. This right to information indicating that gained access to officially present details of the full of futter – and food law regulations regardless is the consumers by a justified interest for individual information. Are still doubtful, that the VIG always between the actually relevant information and valuable operating and business secrets to distinguish white. It cannot be excluded so, that enter such internal data to the public. Free of charge and without obligation at for more information surrounding the VIG and the consulting services of juravendis lawyers

Gardening Can Be Tax Account

The Tax Office informed home from Augsburg, Germany the first flowers show their splendour and the anticipation of the summer grows. Now, many have the desire to transform your garden or to create new. This is positive in two respects, the costs that may be claimed at the tax office. Garden works recognised as household services or craftsman services. Who cares so the embellishment of the garden, not only a welcoming and well-kept garden, but also money from the tax office beckons back the. To depose gardening about the possibility of tax, the Tax Office informed home from Augsburg.

Gardening will be claimed as household services and contractor costs can be recognized following gardening tax. Works, which are incurred for the maintenance of the garden can be as household services at the tax office in accordance with 35 par. 2 S. 1 income tax Act (EStG) asserted. This fall, for example, activities such as lawn mowing, Plantings, weed weed and others that include the maintenance of the garden. Now the Bundesfinanzhof has also approved that hand will develop, which are used for the initial construction of a garden, promoted tax. So far, works, who were to see new measures, were not tax included. Now, even those services with which a garden created new, promoted tax as contractor costs.

Overall, 20 percent of expenses or not to exceed 1,200 euros can be removed per year. The material costs are, however, not deductible but only the wages and labour costs. As always: the tax benefit can be claimed only if an invoice is the IRS. For detailed information the tax office is home from Augsburg anytime available. Press contact tax law firm home contact person: Gerhard home accountant clinker mountain 9 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821/344 88-0 fax: 0821 / 344 88-50 E-Mail: Homepage: