Religion and Cures

Since that the man, searching to understand the death, started to decorate the tombs of its wanted beings, the belief in what it can exist beyond the life comes following its terrena day. In this manner, to believe in deuses, angels, demons and espritos does not constitute no newness, nor, so little, privilege of this or that belief. Not having conditions to apprehend the supernatural reality, this man was translating it in accordance with its agreement, parameter, repertoire and cultural standard throughout the centuries. Of the Prohibitions the Bible and to the Evangelhos evidences the register of manifestations extra-physics, under the most varied denominations.

The tradition Jewish-Christian was great responsible for the sacralizao or the demonizao of these actions interventors, proceeding from supernatural entities, also, in compliance with the interests politicians of the time; Joana D’ Arc it was sacralizada and demonizada in accordance with the power politician arbitrary absolutist and, in France, under gide of the church Roman. In general way, the religions derived from the Christianity had opted to keeping the secular idea of supernatural forces, presenting them, however as angels and saints (spirit-saint), however as satanizados demons to influence the beings of the physical world. It is exactly in this vortex that if can point out the contribution of pedagogo and French professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail (1804-1869) to the thought description-philosophical-religious-occidental person. Searching the agreement on the considered phenomena supernatural, it in its studies leaned over itself. Resultant of its verification and its constataes inferred and extracted a new body of knowledge, independent of beliefs and religious denominations. Its studies – without it had the pretension of everything to disclose – had raised part of the veil that has covered the reality of the transcendental life.