In the modern world the life styles are shaken generally enough, is lived with the constant pressure by the profits and results, are surprising that more people are resorting to the meditation to generally improve their levels of tension and quality of life.For all the activity of the modern society, many still feel a fundamental necessity for silence, inner La Paz and a little while of reflection.The meditation can reduce stress and they help us to relax to us, but, also it can give us much more.These are some of the benefits that the daily meditation can give us. The meditation helps to reduce stress, teaching to us to disconnect to us of a full world of preoccupations that can plague to us through day.The meditation is an opportunity to spend time single, without feeling in the whole disposition of the others.To spend 15 minutes in calming the mind and concentrates at the present moment, us makes more relaxed and taking from decisions effective, to this wonderful we can obtain them results inducing to the mind to the state of suitable frequencies, through magnificent Audio the Binaurales you can obtain wonderful levels of well-being, this technology will help him to have a life totally balanced and to realise his activities with spirit, desire, motivation and tranquillity. Many studies have demonstrated that the meditation has benefits for the health, several of these benefits are related to the diminution of the tension that takes place through the meditation.For example, with smaller levels of stress and the anxiety, the probability of cardiac disease falls of very significant way. In fact it exists brings back to consciousness increasing of the relation between our mood and the physical health.Quite often the physical ailments are symptoms of internal agitation.The meditation can give La Paz us of the mind, and this can be a useful step to avoid stress and many related diseases.