Technology Cheap

Buying products in Chinese stores is often put into question. Many allude to it are guilty of many business closure of local nature, small shops of neighborhood and, in general, traditional stores. But when the crisis squeezes, customer seeks primarily a good price. The technology sector is one of the least economic ones, but you can find products of this kind at an acceptable cost. But, where to get them? Where most manufactured, where is this place? In China, how I purchase Chinese goods that are not in Spain? Through the internet. Stores such as Amazon or eBay now have rival hard to peel in the sale of technology through the network. One of them, already known for millions of Internet users, is free shipping at according to which products the shipping price after buying a product on the internet can be, even more than the product that you want to (cables, connectors, adapters, Chargers). However, it is not the case of those who buy at page web, headquartered in Hong Kong, is capable of sending the order to anywhere in the world without shipping charges.

That Yes, in that case we should expect between two weeks and a month to us arrives. At Wifi routers for 11 euros, rods for 6 euros, readers of memory cards for $2 and charger for iPhone cables can be found for little more than one euro. This is only a small sample of everything that can be purchased on the web site, one of the most watched among lovers of technology. Another interesting site is, also based in china. It covers all kinds of products, from textiles to Accessories for the bike, passing through jewelry, decoration, toys, video games or articles of interest to those who go to celebrate their wedding with a special section to buy technology. Shipping costs are charged in this case Yes, but the prices of the products are also very attractive. Although they are not as popular as in, the catalog of articles is much more extensive. is another Chinese pages with pasted recognized on the network. The page belongs to the Group Alibaba, a business conglomerate dedicated to creating online stores to boost global sales of Chinese brands. With 22,000 employees and presence in 70 cities around the world, Alibaba is one of the big global players in the sector of online stores. In, you can purchase from a video camera with HD recording for 15 euros until helicopters remote control for 8 euros, as well as tents for less than ten euros. To not give you cat poke Internet is a space, by its dimensions, uncontrollable. In fact there are many complaints from users who have been swindled by alleged online stores that are actually fraudulent organizations. The advice experts give is always trying to make sure that the page is legal. To do this, you can follow these guidelines:-check that they have some means of payment certificate (such as Paypal), since all the portals that can be online shopping have certificates of this type. -Look at the time of purchase with the classic padlock icon appears on that website. It is not more than the certification of the browser that the site is secure. Similarly, a secure page must begin by https, not http. Nor is more that in forums to check the opinion of users about the company. Internet at the end is like a small town where everything is known.