Metal Producers

Metal – Roof construction material for the device pitched roofs, representing a galvanized steel sheet, which is passivated, soil, covered with a decorative layer of polymer and subjected to punching in order to obtain the figure, simulating natural tile. Metal, appeared in 60-ies of the last century in Finland, quickly gained popularity in all corners of the globe, including those with the early 1990's, and in Russia, thanks to its high consumer characteristics such as resistance to ultraviolet radiation, chemical resistance to aggressive environments and precipitation, manufacturability, resistance to high and low temperature, lightness, resistance to mechanical stress and strain, durability, ease of installation, biological stability. Among the most common polymer coatings used in the manufacture of metal, it makes sense to highlight such as: matte polyester, Puranas, polyester, plastisol. Polyester – the most popular and at the same time, low-cost coverage through which is polyester. Of the positive properties of polyester makes sense to emphasize the following: polyester check the duration of the operation in Russian conditions, suitable for all climatic zones; has good color stability.

For all that, the thickness of the polymer layer of polyester is about 25 microns, and therefore it has lower mechanical resistance than other polymer coating, which undoubtedly requires the maximum accuracy in both the delivery and installation of metal. From the list of physical and chemical characteristics of the polyester can draw attention to such as – good corrosion resistance, the maximum temperature Applications: 120 degrees Celsius; min. processing temperature: -10 degrees; satisfactory formability.