Teens And Mobile Phones

When children have more expensive phones than their parents it is always the same. Jack Monroe will not settle for partial explanations. If the daughter or son needs a new phone, this must be always the latest and most expensive. That cell phones actually to the phone developed interested today as good as anyone else. Camera just as understandable as the latest Windows Media Player there is the 3 million mega pixels. And then the children wonder if the phones crash after another. But what should one expect also, finally the principle is similar to but already a laptop mobile.

Why do you need it, most parents ask and stumm shake his head. Behind the branding you get in particular as to feel very strong students. Phrases like “One you’re uncool” are unfortunately agenda in schools. And that’s only because it has perhaps not just the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phone and the iPod. So this can’t go on actually with our society go, where did the Interior values after all.

With this question, I will certainly are not alone. But to get back to the real issue. Sometimes parents can feel sorry us really, finally they are in conflict, whether they join the mark printing. If they all Yes and say Amen, then because the children are accustomed to and think that they get everything they want. If they do not agree to this, the children in the worst case on the worst be made ready and then even understandable the parents feel getting this. Either totally withdraw the children, or blame the parents for their alleged misfortune. But ultimately, the naturulich must decide every man for himself! Desiree-Sophie Lepell, September 25, 2009

High Sensitivity – A Phenomenon With A Depth Effect

Highly sensitive people in the balancing act between frustration and Freud high sensitivity is a neuronal disposition and about 15-20% of all living species, occurs worldwide, equally distributed between women and men. The nervous system of highly sensitive people differently processed stimuli and information: A is it true significantly more stimulation and on, on the other hand, it handles more intensively than is the case with normal sensitive this recorded information. That is to say: “I perceive much” and “I perceive early”! This can be stimuli from all walks of life, including those who we can not see or feel. The neon light will appear as Flash, the noise is louder, the skin is irritated more quickly, cell phone or power radiation strain, moods other people enter and affect faster. On the other hand, the creativity is pronounced, sense of responsibility and conscientiousness are large and imagination and networked thinking are the most Hochsensiblen own. These are just some of the diverse impact highly sensitive Sensibility.

In principle, this investment is a great gift of nature, which was quite appreciated in the past, she are the affected but many “sensitive” skills. In a society like ours however, where sensitivity has a low market value, life with a highly sensitive disposition is to load, often to the agony with effects up for massive disorders. Similar to the highly gifted, highly sensitive person (HSP) need therefore inherently reasonable living conditions, to live their skills: their own learning and work rhythms, alone to handle the diverse information, clear structures, honesty, etc. sensitive advised inform presentations, seminars can Hochsensible developing restorative ways to and normal sensitive learn more supportive regarding the high sensitivity, both children and adults. We are looking forward to your response and your interest in the topic. Sensitive advise their Cordula Romans consulting for highly sensitive people Tel: 0173-62 700 20