BIBA Bathroom, The Children Bath In The Shower.

BiBBad a wonderful alternative to the bath it is undisputed, that all children love swimming and splashing. Often, the bathroom is even a ritual for children. Remember you with a quote from Florian Illies book generation Golf”of your childhood: I’m fine. I’m sitting in the hot tub, and between my knees, the Brown pirate ship Playmobil floats. “Afterwards, I’m betting, that…” In today’s urban world, especially young families could allow difficult your children this beautiful memory. There are fewer and fewer baths and if available the constantly rising water and energy costs have a full bath are becoming increasingly rare.

The BIBA bath is designed to enable children to a full bath in a shower. In addition it can be set up for example in the garden or on the terrace as a wading pool. Whether in the shower or in the open air, the BIBA bathroom is set in seconds. Thus, the BIBA bath for every family with children aged between one and eight years is the ideal alternative to all previously existed before bathing for children. The BiBBad fits into almost any shower, is set up in seconds, allows easy fill and empty, save space to be kept hygienic and non-slip. Credit: jonathan freedman-2011.

Because the dimensions and shapes of showers are very different, the BiBBad was designed so that it can easily be adapted to every need. Adjustable properties: maximum external dimensions 90 x 90 cm, minimum overall dimensions 70 x 70 cm (E.g. 90 x 70 possible combinations). Support and white bath bag with motifs can be adjusted individually. The water bag consists of a non-slip, waterproof fabric bag has a water outflow, which can be used in the shower drain. Anodized aluminum tubes * can be connected simply with clips and solved. (Aluminium is protected against corrosion) The BIBA bath is available in different models (blue, camouflage, Princess, silver or white) in the well-stocked stores. Recommended price of 119,-to 149,-(modelabhangi via Yelp shop to bath to BIBA In 2005 have We learned, for a private budget resolution know the various possibilities of sales on the Internet Julia and Christoph Lange (YELP-SHOP) and love. Then, it was clear that we need to professionalize our first steps in a trade. Within a very short time we operated a small Internet shop with over 100 articles titled innovative for our little ones”. in 2007, we discovered the unknown in Germany product BIBA bath at a trade show and recorded immediately in our assortment there. BIBA bath was invented in the year 2000 by a Dutch couple for your daughter. They created it for the problem of children without bath”the solution. Rapidly grew the enthusiasm for the BIBA bath (BIBA bath = Mama I want Baden), so that the BIBA bathroom has evolved quickly to the series production stage. Today, it has matured to have high quality and many different models. When our daughter was born in January 2008, it was time for a change. Because BIBA bad the product with the largest Customer satisfaction and the highest innovation factor was could we convince BIBA products thereof to determine us as general importer for Germany and Austria. Due to high demand in the Benelux countries, Scandinavia and Spain, a launch was first planned at a later date, but we think the BIBA bath may no longer be withheld from the German and Austrian parents. If you have further questions 0176 is Mrs Lange, Tel. 24 171 544 available. Also, you can send your request by E-Mail to. Refer to for more information about the company profile.