Leo Batauta

Many times, some of us feel that the only thing that we do in life is work, work and work! And we do not have or do not give us time to any other activity; worse yet, sometimes it becomes an obsession/addiction is this healthy? Is it possible to change this situation? How you find a balanced lifestyle when you’re overloaded with work? How disconnected from work when you’re out of the Office? The answer to these very common questions are difficult. It is never easy, but once you find that balance, you’ll find enormous benefits: you will enjoy life more, you will improve your personal relationships, you will have less stress and better quality of life in general. Recently a reader wrote: I would love to listen to advice about how a person who has 2 jobs still can give time to achieve a well-balanced life. If the labour market is difficult and the situation economic forces you to have to work all the time does one stay calm, stay calm and still have time and energy for family, friends, hobbies, interests, etc. How one learns to not keep their goals when thats what you are expected to do from 8: 30 a.m. to 6: 30 p.m. It is difficult to be two different people: one at work and one outside this is a difficult and very common problem that all face, are employed, auto-empleados or owners of our business, but must not lose hope: change is possible can create a life where work less but in things that please you and to give you time to enjoy with your family and yourselfdoing the things you enjoy doing. Here are some tips of Leo Batauta expert in the art of minimalism and forms of simplify life – that should help you, no matter what your situation at work: 1) assigns a time to disconnect from work.