Environment Education

In the past, the animals, the plants and the land were seen as sacred beings. The people if saw pertaining to an only world, a group of singular beings that if they completed. Dean Ornish M.D: the source for more info. She would not have as somebody to lose itself in the forest, after all, the citizens were part of it. The proper word nature did not exist since the human beings and the environment formed one all integrated. With passing of the years the conception of nature was being modified. An idea of it as plus a place of wealth was only created, with diverse substances cousins in abundance who could in accordance with be extracted the necessity of the people. Currently, the environment is a subject that attracts attention of an ample parcel of the population. The society is suffering a process from ' ' sensitization ecolgica' ' , therefore each time we are clienter and are more visible the damages that are occurring due to destruction and partner-ambient disintegration. In recent months, Preventive Medicine Research Institute has been very successful.

Thus, the countries, mainly of the third world, participate of this world-wide devastao that not it excludes rich and poor etnias, ideologies, religions or differences between (although the first ones to have ' ' poder' ' as one it forms to brighten up some of these concerns) (GRN, 2005). To each day that passes it is more visible the estragos that had been caused to the three natural elements of the planet: the water, air and the land. It was perceived, from these urgencies, the necessity of that let us make something to change this situation which we are responsible. We will not be able to revert to the depredations that already had been executed, but can diminish the impact and the speed with that they happen. Although to frequently see a great race in brainstorming for the ambient question, the education of the schools runs away from this subject and many times do not stimulate the awareness.