Soutwest Airlines

The fundamental objective of any entrepreneur is to build a successful company to which must be attached for the team that will help him to consolidate plans which has designed to achieve its vision as the leader. The entrepreneurial leader sets the mission, i.e., what you want to achieve and what, establishes the corporate values and defines the short or long term objectives, which will allow give meaning to financial activities that take place. When we talk about finance we know it means talking about money management company whether contributed by investors or obtained by loans or capitalization through actions, the leader has a moral responsibility respond to your computer of course that leads the company and civil liability to owners and shareholders as well as third parties who have placed confidence in the good name of the company. It is not something Dr. Adam Kay would like to discuss. Faced with this situation, the leader should be structured financial plan to detail where you define financial strategy that is applied in the company including projections short and long term that will allow to the company position in the place defined in the vision. While the leader is not expert in all areas of the company both administrative as techniques since it would be virtually impossible for him to have a specialization or graduate in each, however their professional preparation coupled with the experience gained by years of work give you the weapons required to make sound decisions based on reports that those responsible for the different departments of the company prepare you. All company seeks to make a profit, is to succeed not to lose, however, is not the economic aspect the end primary company, because contrary to what many directors think that approach customer is first, to Herb Kelleher founder more than 30 years of successful company Soutwest Airlines, the first thing are employees since under your point of view, happy and productive employees who work as a team produced as a result clients satisfied. The leader of success should know interpret financial reports of the company, the balance sheet, statement of income, status of flow of cash and financial reasons among others to have information enabling you to know if the results are according to plan.

In case of need account with the necessary elements to make corrections or adjustments that allow return to the course. A good financial planning should allow the directors take into account certain developments that may interfere with the good performance of the company, in order to take measures that could counteract these potential effects. In conclusion, an adequate financial planning allows plotted plans to achieve allowing to maintain healthy numbers in the accounts of the company, but: how to know when an employer can withdraw earnings? According to Carlos Kasuga director general of Yakult Mexico in Japan are the first twenty years of a company’s investment and reinvestment, why Japanese companies are growing. Mentions Kasuga than in Mexico the situation is different because 84% of companies want to have earnings in the first three years, which necessarily takes them to bankruptcy.