Flambeau Plastics

In 1960 began manufacturing plastic yo-yos, which we see to this day. Sales have grown at a tremendous speed. By 1962, it sold a record number of yo-yos, some 45 million, in a country where there were 40 million children. The popularity of yo-yo has grown so much that in 1965 the court gave permission to all companies that produce it, call your toys 'yo-yo'. This name is so widely spread that has become part of the language. In November, 1965 Duncan tragically company went bankrupt. Most of the equipment was sold at auction, and most valuable – the name "Duncan", was purchased by Flambeau Plastics, which still produces and sells more than 11 models of yo-yo.

But despite the devastation Donald Duncan was the most famous man who made a huge contribution to the yo-yo. In honor of his birthday, June 6 was the National Day of Yo-Yo. After some time, the process was reflected in the yo-yo. Manufacturers have increased the weight of the rim for longer slip. In 1978, Tom Kuhn patented the yo-yo called 'No Jive 3-in-1' with a variable distance between the two halves.

In 1980, Michael Kaffreyn invented the 'smart' yo-yo. In addition to the free rotation over a long period of time, this yo-yo was the ability to independently go back to your hand. And by 1990, was conceived with the bearing axis, which allowed the yo-yo become a professional sport. But this is not end of story. April 12, 1985 yo-yo was sent into space by nasa as a project 'Toys in Space', to study the effect of gravity on various subjects. Yo-yo spun slowly moving along the rope. It could not 'Sleep', and in conditions of weightlessness could not begin to turn back. To broaden your perception, visit Daryl Katz. The second trip yo-yo in space occurred July 31, 1992 on the shuttle Atlantis, which was filmed his slow rotation in zero gravity. It is uncertain whether yo-yo invented in China, Greece and the Philippines. Likewise there is no evidence that the toy is spread from country to country, but did not come by itself. The only thing we're sure – is that yo-yo has been and remains popular in the whole world!