CASH Trading Role explaining how the EC cash EC cash rolling operation of cashless payments with the EC card described in this article, paying company as the cashless card works with the EC and what you need then the EC cash role. As EC cash (electronic cash) is referred to a procedure to pay the cash and cards supported operated. Pay can goods as department stores, gas stations, fashion shops with this procedure, etc. But things do not proceed to lawmakers also services and others are so affordable. For EC cash a payment process is handled in conjunction with the card or a corresponding debit card EFT POS terminals with the PIN (personal identification number) on the. How it works, one of the most important characteristics during the process of payment is online authorization. In the operation of the online authorization, the EC is checked card to a lock file, the entered PIN is checked for authenticity and the desired withdrawal amount will be with the balance (balance Compared to balances and credit) of the card user. If one of the described points to the detriment of, the payment is not carried out.

The approval as well as the checking of the funds in the account and daily limit of payout are managed centrally. The payment with such a system is of course not free. The provider charge as a percentage based on the sales for that. About 0.3% of sales are in the trade. Trace of a payment: the amount to be paid is entered from the keyboard in the device.

The dealer or seller requires the card by the customer and will then read the data using cards. Starts the unit safety and by the customers of the PIN will requires you to enter. The communication unit establishes a connection to the service provider and logs on there for the corresponding data transfer. The necessary queries to the plausibility carried via Exchange over the connection. An entry in a lock file, which not is PIN right or the amount to be paid above the financial framework is plus the Dispolinie denied the payment. The communication unit logs off and closes the connection to the service provider. The connected printer prints a log immediately through the payment or the cancellation. The display on the device displays the corresponding result. ELV electronic direct debit procedure without checking this. It is an insecure method for the dealer. The account number and the bank routing number are extracted from the magnetic strip. The buyer granted a direct debit with preauthorized payment mandate with his signature. In this process, the company is included in. Bonro supplies for card devices users the appropriate EC CASH role.The corresponding EC cash roles there either with or without Lastschrifttext on the back. This is due to the EC CASH roll clients which procedure when paying with the card is chosen. Either pay with PIN or the ELV with signature.