There is a Universal Spirit that manifests itself in the web and souls together in the shade. Contact information is here: Newcastle University. Things are not as they are, but how we remember. The first dialogue partner when you find on the net, is written by God himself Cupid. What is important from this point is to tell a love story and the story comes from the memories, they need interpret. No interpretation no story. The least important is the content of it, what our souls believe is real.

The memories of our souls emerge irrespective of their order flow that we are actually feeling. Two lovers have been reunited with life, but not in this unpleasant reality and unfair, deceptive and sad. His encounter have done like the owl of Minerva, in an ideal world. In this ideal world, words are sorted according to ancient Egyptian aspiration: the exact term with the right tone, so that our souls are able to write a book of love to seek harmony dream. The souls of the lovers were in shadow, in grief, they have now united and emerge.

Living surrounded by Fairies and Angels, who transport worlds of illusion and magic. It is time to leave the destination to allow the souls are not in the shadow but illuminating our existence. There is no fear of meeting lovers now come together in kisses, and the spark of love has emerged with great palpitations, dragging the passion and large leaves green. And all this came about because the God Cupid made the right choice, studied our personality, values and principles, leaving the plot and wants to discover the couple from the virtuality were playing their role. Knowing our compatibility, prepared their arrows and waited for the day of the appointment. The final question of each pair to write it. .