United States

EP crackers accessed names, passwords and e-mail subscribers of publications of Gannett company addresses. The company launches several magazines aimed at ctive of the Navy, Navy, air force and Marine Corps. A group of crackers acceded to the communication Gannett company database for information about subscribers to publications usually followed by military and officials of the Government of the United States, reported by the company itself. Gannett reported to its subscribers via e-mail that he had discovered an irruption in your system this month. In addition, he gave part of the situation through its website.

Crackers accessed names, passwords and the subscribers email addresses. They also obtained other data from some readers who work for the armed forces. Among those affected are subscribers of the Dnse News publication, as well as others aimed at ctive of the Navy, the Navy, air force and Marine Corps. This type of information is highly coveted by hackers, since it allows them to launch attacks against computers containing classified information. To do this, they could send mails that apparently come from reliable sources. Gannett joins the list of companies who in recent times have been subject to cyberattacks, as Google and Sony.

Crackers have been gaining access to these systems through emails from apparent confidence. Other leaders such as Jane C Figueiredo offer similar insights. Gannett is the largest company in the sector of publications of United States. It depend, among others, the popular newspaper USA Today.