South African

There rugby is the game of private schools for the white elite. Official site: jonathan keane. Until a decade ago the black majority in South Africa is considered the sport of their oppressors and used to ask the victory of any team to play against them. Even today the symbol of South African football selection is a gazelle and its colors are green with gold, very different symbols and colors of this republic led by the disciples of Mandela. The white descendants of British settlers and the Boer (105 years who were cruelly ago crushed by the British troops) have been the most celebrated victory. For them it is a vindication of their ethnicity and their role in South Africa. For the ruler African National Congress to support the gazelle is a way of seeking a reconciliation between races.

When launched in South African white players shoulders showed President Mbeki who won the trophy aloft, it was understood by many as a recognition that the ancient race makes most dominant color. However, for the great majority of South African social conditions have changed little after the nominal end of apartheid and what happened is not something that appeals to them greatly. South African majorities tend to use football as a sport they express and try to make the 2010 football World as a way to show new pride. In three years the eyes of world sport will be placed in a republic that will attempt to show their attempts to quit have been the most segregated in the world.