Social Engineering Awareness

‘Social engineering better on stage than in the company. Industrial espionage and social engineering are increasingly becoming the security risk for businesses especially in times of Facebook & co.. Cologne Mobile company Theatre has used this complex topic at two conferences of Deutsche Telekom AG in scene: on February 17, 2011 in Bonn and March 10, 2011 in Berlin Mobile used the medium of the theatre to raise Telekom employees for the tricks of the social engineers. “True to the motto: social engineering better on stage than in the company.” “The background: social engineering” is an acute threat to modern, highly networked companies. While the use of new communication technologies plays an important role: the exchange of information on electronic media increasingly occurs between people who personally don’t know each other.The Internet is increasingly becoming a self service shop for personal data.

Information to the employers, the political and religious attitudes, hobbies or the Relationship status can be found in the Facebook profile, there are party or holiday images in the Flickr account, the appropriate stories to personal blog. Many people present supposedly private on the net these days open-hearted and in good faith and make social engineers to use. They puzzle the data to a profile of your target object”together, contact and build confidence on the abuse at the end, to find out companies internals of the employer. John Fitzgerald is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Whether in chat rooms, in the evening at the bar or even bogus interviews before the tricks of the social engineers is nowhere safe. Industrial espionage 2.0! “Employees are the greatest asset of a company but to protect as a great risk to the company, this danger has made it the Deutsche Telekom to the task, to sensitize its employees for social engineering and on the emergency” to prepare.

The Division of Group business security”commissioned therefore the Cologne company Theater Mobile, the subject in the scene to “put: at a Conference in the Bonn Headquarters on February 17, 2011 then 800 Telekom employees witnessed various risk scenarios, such as 5 Mobile starring in a half-hour performance” played through. The dramaturgical performance was accompanied by scenic music and the informative presentation of a professional speaker. Corporate theater enthusiastically to Berlin followed by Bonn in the research we have noticed quickly that the topic is very complex and multi-faceted”, explains Mobile Managing Director Harald foot. But we have tried to embed the whole thing in a fun design and use images that stick in the mind. He adds and I think we have proved once again, the corporate theater offers a soothing alternative to the umpteenth power point presentation”. These confirm the participants of the event, who were thrilled by the presentation of the topic and praised the excellent work of the Mobile company theatre. Due to the success of this event, the Germans clinched Telecom again for March 10, 2011 the services of the Cologne company Theatre, this time for the international security experts gathered in Berlin of the Deutsche Telekom AG.