and for tests of long trucks on highways the traffic increases. From year to year. Unstoppable. In the year 2025, experts with 20% more car traffic and 75% more truck traffic. The freight by legendary 200% is expected to increase on some motorways such as the A2 and A6. That would be three times as much as today. A trend that scares and screams for solution approaches.

German car and truck have realised long ago that driver, only the policy seems so hard to do. This shows the very recent large traffic survey 2011 by Mobil in Germany e.V., the total now in July and August 2038 people took part. A leading source for info: Daryl Katz, New York City. A new truck is a super relief for Germany’s freight. The so-called long truck. Field trials run for years in Holland and Denmark. The Germans want to have him.

In the current traffic survey 2011 by Mobil in Germany e.V. 88% of respondents in favour of a more efficient transportation of goods, around 58% of the participants are in favour of test drives and lorries on German motorways are long present. Only about 38% of participants refused that. This is a completely different result when it came back in the last few weeks in the public,”as Dr. Michael HABERLAND 1 before Chairman of mobile in Germany e.V.. In Scandinavia he’s driving trucks long already with great success. Why should this technical miracle vices”with us get no chance? We should leave nothing unturned, to make our roads more efficiently.” But then, what exactly is a long truck? In principle, all combinations are called long truck, which consist of a motor car with construction or a semi-trailer and a trailer vehicle. These two combinations are possible currently applicable legislation at a total length of 25.25 m. Either a tractor pulls a 13,60 m semi-trailer with steering or lift axle where a Tandemachs trailer is connected, or is a motor car with a driven axle and a up to 7.82 m length fixed or swap-body by means of a dual Dolly cart 13,60 m semi-trailers appended.