The environment is not a theme of environmentalism or very biased partisan, is a matter of common sense. These clear words of Juan Carlos Bodoque and Bodoque, red rabbit journalist of rag that became famous are during the last decade by its Green note of the newscast of television section 31 minutes, whose film version was exhibited in Coyhaique within the framework of the second Festival of cinema of Patagonia made this weekend in the southern city. The phrase is not less coming from an expert, who to his credit already has two publications related to the topic; Juan Carlos Bodoque Green Book and the Red Book of Juan Carlos Bodoque. And although 31 minutes is a fictional news made to entertain viewers and its characters have much leisure component, do not cease to point to fairly sensible issues, taking advantage of say certain truths that perhaps, in a more serious form, would be very difficult to raise. For even more details, read what Center for Colon Cancer Research says on the issue. Why alvaro Diaz, the journalist who with his colleague Pedro Peirano created this successful television product and that it is the voice behind the colorado puppet, has a clear opinion on the way in which Chile faces its challenges of sustainability. Since childhood and by personal concerns I liked go Chile part, pointing to that it has been in these becomings where has realized the level of intervention in the natural and cultural world that we are ocasinando in the name of progress and pragmatism. Valdivia lands are lost every year because they are privatized, because roads, were made because energy projects are also built as in the North flows of rivers are dried because the water is being used for mining, contaminate rivers as the Loa points, which obviously must first a visual impact that is very painful, then one cultural (because there are communities living there and they have to go) and finally there is a damage that is irreversible, not only the landscape but to the ecosystem, the environment that has an organic and is not touch and change it by decisions, by a simple need. .