December Musics

In Louisiana, United States, the Jared brothers, singer, and Shannon Leto, baterista, had decided that they wanted to mount a rock band and had started to work in some compositions. Produced in pair, the first album left only in 2002 and took the name of the band. Although the failure in the radios, this album vendeu 750 a thousand copies in the whole world. When they had started to make presentations, they had perceived that they needed another guitarist and a stock exchange operator to complement the sound.

Of this form the Matt Wachter and Tomo Milicevic had appeared integrant, that exactly in turn already participated of the composition of as the record of the band. With the aid of new the integrant ones, as the album it is launched in 2005. ‘ ‘ Beatiful Lie’ ‘ it left for Virgin recorder and it counted on 12 musics. With stuffed musics of feelings, the band demonstrated matureness through emotions as joy, pain and passion. Jared if affirms as main compositordo ‘ ‘ 30secondstoMars’ ‘ creates successes as ‘ ‘ Attack’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The Kill (Bury Me, Bury Me’ ‘. If the first album seemed not to have commercial success, ‘ ‘ Beatiful Lie’ ‘ it was well different. The band conquered prizes in ‘ ‘ Video Music Awards’ ‘ in ‘ ‘ MTV AustraliVideo Music Awards’ ‘ marking of time its arrival they mainstream to it.

Although the victories as the platinum record, the band suffered losses and in 2007, the Matt stock exchange operator leaves, giving to place the Tim Kelleher. The third album of the band delayed to leave, since they had made intense turns and had finished delaying the writing. With the name of ‘ ‘ ThisIs War’ ‘ , it was launched in December of 2009 in the United States and England. For more information see this site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. The band not only surprised singles ‘ ‘ Thisis War’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Closertothe Edge’ ‘ , as well as with the layer. A homage to the fans, exists 2000 different, composed layers more than for photos sent by fanatic of the entire world. The band who makes world-wide success easily is found in the net. Musics, letters of musics and videos are available to a click, in diverse sites. It uses to advantage that you do not go to delay nor 30 seconds to arrive Mars.