Since primitive times man has had the need to communicate expressing their feelings in some way, in these caves or primitive caves is represented through drawings, their activities, their customs, their way of life. A CARICATURE is the art of being able to extract a trait, a characteristic, a transcendent detail in a person, and ridicule in a drawing exaggerating this personal note, without falling into vulgarity, and a lack of respect toward the cartoony person, like comic strips or cartoons cartoons the author plasma his personality, his way of seeing the behavior of society and life, and when the reader can interpret that message, we can say that the goal has been met. The caricature is, and is not a reality, is when this work reflects my personality, as see me others, which I am giving to know me, towards people;And it is not a reality because the caricature is a representation of the person or life, is deformed and exaggerated and often this distortion is to give humor to the box. They say those who know that when our children paint or draw, these drawings can be read, are screaming for parents, as our children see the world and how its security and personality; is formed A CARICATURE is influenced by 3 very important and linked senses together: eyes, brain and hands, eyes must perceive the most details and colors in the image to caricaturing, the brain must be educated to transform that image and colors in exaggeration, it is there where cooks draw talent, and finally hands are the result of these two processes where the head says where you have to give the strokes. I am caricaturist since childhood, and even though my drawings were not when very symmetrical child could Yes say it was cartoonist since childhood, because not only draws on paper, also in the mind of the artist, when I see or I treat people, I can see in them their joy or sadness, his humor or bitterness, achievement extract the most characteristic of their gestures and factions to such a degree that times of I can imitate them, and put a smile on people, that helps me a lot to make the CARICATURE of a person and you do want that tea make a CARICATURE?