Apply the blush or blush is one of the steps, and even essential, in achieving the dramatic makeup. It enhances the face to give light, relief and life. There are some tricks to applying blush which are described below: The skin should be thoroughly cleaned and also the brushes or sponges used (must be washed once a week) The brush should not be charged. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD often addresses the matter in his writings. To remove excess powder, it is necessary to tap into his hand and gently blow through the brush. Do not be noticing the contours or marks a watershed because it would touch the face of hardness. It is therefore necessary, blur, circular movements from the cheeks to feel them, with a dry latex sponge. If you apply a darker blush, it gives shape to the features, but should not be abused because you can see the area as sunk.

In contrast, clear and bright blush highlights the area where you applied. If you have oily skin, you should prefer powder blushes, and cream products increases fat skin. Blush application according to the type of face oval face In this case, the best way to apply blush is to start from the top of the cheekbone and down to a little above where it sinks cheek. Avoid passing close to flush the eyes or nose can use a brighter tone on the cheek bone and on the forehead, nose and chin. Round face priority is to make the face look more elongated. This is due to contour and refine the face, through the application of powder blush a darker diagonal line under the cheekbone and jaw extend to the front of the mirror square face, you should smile and apply blush color brighter in the projecting parts of the face. Then, using a coarse bristle brush, apply blush on the cheek bone in a crescent to the top of the cheek.

If the forehead is wide, apply dark shadow on the sides and take it to the extreme of avoiding eyebrows always notice the lines. Triangular face should be used brightly colored blush on the chin and in the most prominent on the cheeks. In the front, you can use a darker shade on the sides. For the long face look shorter face, makeup should be done horizontally. So, apply the blush directly into the bone of the cheeks and blend horizontally to the hairline. You must use a bit of it flush on the chin and forehead to reduce the length of the face. Rectangular face is necessary to round the face. Applies the almost horizontal flushing on the cheekbone and on the chin to soften a face short-po should apply blush in a wing shape starting at the center of the cheek and fading into temples. Avoid bright or very pale colors because it gives the impression of “remove” the bottom of the face. Choose brighter colors to lengthen the Beauty consists of a team of beauty experts. More information on this and other topics of beauty.